Education is simply the soul of a society.


Many of Dayton’s young students are motivated to learn and succeed. However, a growing number lack access to educational opportunities that will help them to fulfill their potential.

At the Mathile Family Foundation, we believe that the greatest social and economic equalizer is education. So, the support of quality educational opportunities for our area’s at-risk children has grown even more important for more than 25 years of service. With this in mind, the Mathile Family Foundation has established a goal to increase the number of low-income post-secondary graduates from our most-vulnerable neighborhoods. Naturally, providing tuition assistance and scholarships to increase college access and success is an integral part of our strategic equation.

Throughout our history, The Foundation’s support of PreK – 12 education has had a focus on Catholic schools in the Dayton area. In addition to high academic expectations, we believe Catholic schools develop the solid moral and community values that prepare students to be lifelong models of strong character and compassion.

Our support of these important institutions touches many different aspects of the school community and includes an evidence based student support program called City Connects which was developed by Boston College; a leadership program for Catholic school administrators focused on professional management; and an elementary-high school alliance which not only strengthens the schools – but addresses many of the challenges students face transitioning into high school.

For more information regarding our grant application process please read our guidelines.

We give the highest priority to eligible organizations who serve children in the Greater Dayton area.