Transforming the lives of those in need through meaningful collaborations that create hope and opportunity.



The Mathile Family Foundation is a multi-generational
philanthropic foundation established by MaryAnn and
Clayton Mathile.

  • The Foundation serves children and families in need throughout the Miami Valley by providing grants to organizations whose programs align with the Founda-
    tion’s mission and focus.


    A Family Foundation forever committed to learning and growing together by sharing God's blessings in service of those most in need.


    Purpose Driven - We are guided by a passion and a commitment to make the world a better place.

    Trust - We strive to build authentic and transparent relationships to create a space where all voices are valued.

    Curious - We have a desire to continuously explore, learn, and grow while seeking a deeper understanding of different perspectives.

    Joy - We approach our work as a team with optimism, excitement, and humor even in the most unsettled environments.

  • Priority

    We give highest priority to eligible organizations located in the Greater Dayton area.


    Organizations that fall outside this geographic scope are considered only under special circumstances.

  • View our latest annual report to learn more about how we are shaping communities.


  • Guiding Principles

    1. Our philanthropic investments are guided by the passion and direction of the Mathile Family.
    2. Education is the greatest social and economic equalizer.
    3. Children in our community thrive when their basic needs are met and their values are strengthened.
    4. Transformational change is possible when we invest in high-performing organizations that align with our mission.
    5. To apply resources for the highest impact requires diligent practice of professional management principles.
  • TEAM

    Matt Dunn, Program Officer

    Emily Hughes, Grantmaking & Operations Manager

    Kris Lancaster, Executive Assistant

    Mary Lynn Naughton, Director of Special Projects

    Annie Nelson, Program Officer

    Kippy Ungerleider, Executive Director

    Allison Veryser, Senior Program Officer



    MaryAnn Mathile, Co-Chair & CEO

    Timothy Mathile, Co-Chair & President

    Michelle Mathile, Treasurer

    Tina Mathile, Vice President & Secretary

    Dr. Francis J. Butler

    Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn

    Abby Laden

    Anna Laden

    Maureen Prikkel

    Ellie Frey Zagel