Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the grant application process? The answers below are a great place to start.


We have received funding from Mathile Family Foundation in the past. Will my previous username and password work in the new grant system?

No. All applicants, new and returning, whose last application was prior to November 2024, must create an account in the new system. Once you enter your EIN, the system will populate with existing information. However, some information may need to be re-entered.


May I start the online application and return to it later?

You may start your online application, save it, and return later in order to continue working on it. You may want to consider preparing answers in Word or a comparable program so you can copy and paste the answers into the application.


I was working on an online grant application and accidentally closed the application window or experienced a technical difficulty with my computer. Have I permanently lost the information I had entered?

GoApply (the online grant program) has an auto-save feature. Even if you forget to save the application or if you experience a disruption, the only information lost should be from the point of the last auto-save.


I am not able to upload my supporting documentation. Will my application be rejected automatically?

No. Please contact Emily Hughes at and she will discuss alternatives with you.


May I make changes to my online application after it has been submitted?

No. Once you have submitted an application, you can view it by logging back into your account, but you cannot make any changes to it. If major problems, changes, or concerns arise, please contact Emily Hughes at


Do I need to create a new account every time I submit an online grant application to the Mathile Family Foundation?

No. You need to create an account only once. You will log in using the same account each time you wish to submit an online application, view past applications, edit current applications that have not yet been submitted, and complete final reports.


What types of programs does the Mathile Family Foundation fund?

We give the highest priority to eligible organizations that serve children and families in need in the Greater Dayton area.


Our organization has never applied to the Mathile Family Foundation. What is the best way to inquire about whether our program/project would be funded?

We recommend that organizations who have never received funding, or past grantees who are requesting funds for a new project, submit a Grant Interest Form (New Organization/Project Application) through our grant system, GOapply.


Grant Interest Forms (aka New Organization/Project Application) are accepted on a rolling basis and our staff will communicate whether your program is within the mission and funding priorities of the Mathile Family Foundation. It will take several weeks to respond with feedback from the Grant Committee. If invited, the full online application will be made available to you in the grant portal.


What is an appropriate amount to request?

The Foundation considers applications for grant amounts of $1,000 and higher. There are different budget implications for different types of requests, for example: start-up/pilot programs, general operating support, program support, capital campaigns, etc. Applicants should consider the amount of the request in proportion to the overall program budget.  Applicants should also demonstrate support from other funding sources along with other forms of community support and partnerships. Applicants should address the sustainability of ongoing/repeat programs.


What documents are required? What if I don’t have a document?

You can see a list of application topics and the list of required documents on the Start Your Application page. If you are missing a document, you may write to to explain your circumstances or upload a file that includes an explanation.


We have applied. When will we know if we’ve been funded?

Once an application is received, it is assigned to a Program Officer. The Program Officer will review the submission and required documents. The Program Officer may also conduct a site visit or reach out with any additional questions. Applications are reviewed by the Grant Committee on a quarterly basis. Therefore, funding decisions are known within 75-90 days from the date of submission.


We have received funding, what happens next?

In addition to notifying funded applicants, the Mathile Family Foundation issues a check up front along with a Grant Verification Form. The Grant Verification Form must be signed and returned.

Within a year of the application date, Grantees must submit a Final Report online.